Texotech s.r.o.

 Contact us on phone  +420 602 351161 (Business dpt.)   or   email: texotech@seznam.cz

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Production and Service
Production and Service
- We produce special technical, industrial and filtration fabrics
- We perform own development and innovations, modifications, fixation, finishing coat and technical ready-made technical fabrics
- Materials we use: PES, PE, PA, PEEK, BA, monofilament, multifilament and their combination
- We provide technical service directly to customer´site
- We provide proposal of constructions and modifications of fabrics and filtrations according to customer´s requirement

- We provide own transport of our products through the whole Europe

 Guarantee of Quality and ISO Certification
- We only work with highly experienced and long time serving experts in given industry
- We are holders of certificate CSN EN ISO 9001:2016

Customer Promise:

"Thanks to systematic and purposeful work of our employees we will always deliver high quality fabrics and provide professional services to the level required by customer."

 Company:    TEXOTECH s.r.o.
 Street:           Řimice 75
 Town:            Bílá Lhota
 Post Code:    783 21
 Country:       Czech Republic     
 Email:  texotech@seznam.cz

 Phone:   +420 602 351161 
mapa  Texotech production hall                   

 VAT: CZ29381339. Company is took down in Business Register lead by regional court of law in  Ostrava, unit C, insert 45486.

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